Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have noticed that so far all I have done in this blog is complain.
So here is a happy blog. The only predicament is that I cannot think of what to write other than what is happening in my life.
As uneventful as it is here goes...

I have now got a full time job and earning money again. I love it and prefer it so much more than Coles. It is at the Yackandandah Star Hotel, I am a chef's assistant three days a week and a waitress on the weekends. As I have no license, a drag in my social life has occurred as a consequence of working these hours. Looking at the positive aspect of it, I at least am saving the money I need for my travels next year.

The month of July for when I leave for overseas seems to be creeping up rather quickly and I still haven't obtained my visa or passport, and have no where near the sufficient funds for the trip but hopefully it will all work out for the better. I am so excited to finally see my beautiful friends again.

Having finished school now seems bizarre. I keep thinking that I am on Christmas holidays and therefore returning next year, it's funny how even though I finished around two months ago it still hasn't settled in. I didn't get the ENTER I was hoping for however I may still have a chance at getting accepted into my course. If not, it just gives me some more time to travel which personally, I have no quarrels with.

If I happened to be accepted into my course I plan to study Psychology at La Trobe. I am still not positive whether I want to do a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology or study the full degree. I believe the BOA will be a lot more interesting as I can take up many other subjects along the way. I am glad I still have a year to decide because there is no way I will be able to decide now.

Seeing as I am talking about future decisions and dreams I would like to give a shout out to Richard Perso, even though he will most likely never read this. This man has just returned home from recording his own music in Brooklyn, New York. I'm so proud that this small town boy has reached his goals. I wish my luck for you Dickyyy :)

Anyway, I'm out. Talk to you later darlings xx

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