Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chivalry is dead.

Last night in a failed attempt of trying to wind down before sleep I turned onto the channel GO! This channel has so far proved to be nothing more than a bid for Win to get more ratings by creating a whole new channel full of brainless sitcoms for the members of society who let their ignorance outweigh their ability to think.
I started watching a Frasier repeat that was comically discussing the topic of chivalry. It has been a saying that chivalry has been dead for a long time, however Frasier with his ethical considerations believed that this is far from the truth. In his bid to prove that chivalry is still around a lead up to several events of him helping someone cause him to be abused or even worse not even recognised for the deeds he had done.
Does this 90's sitcom have it down pat? Is society so absorbed in their own lives they don't count for the people that coexist alongside them, is it the truth that the only way to help someone in distress these days is if their was a repayment for yourself?
One story I have heard was a retired woman in a bid to pay for her groceries received food vouchers from The Salvation Army. When this woman went to her local grocery store the food vouchers were turned down as they were not classified a sufficient way of funding her bill. You would think that even though this grocery store didn't accept these vouchers they would see the fact that if this woman was in need of using these then maybe a little charity is in order? I don't believe that the whole $30-$40 that she spent would have ripped a hole in their pocket too substantially.
Fortunately, two women did split the bill in half for the lady, but I believe it shouldn't have lead to the point where other customers had to pay for this woman because the supermarket does not have the courteousness to help out this certain person.
It really has reached the point of ridiculousness that society will not help out others in need without getting a bonus for them.
Where has the gentleness and thoughtfulness of the human race gone?

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