Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcoming myself to Blogspot.

Hello :)
As you are actually on my blog there is little doubt that you know who I am, but as it is customary to introduce yourself when you create a page I will do so. So here goes...
I am Hannah Margaret Eyre, a small town girl with a loving family. I was born 24th February 1992, consequently that makes myself 17 years of age. I have recently completed year 12 at Wodonga Senior Secondary College, this accomplishment is the most wonderful and frightening feeling I have ever endured. I am experiencing both excitement and extreme apprehension for the future ahead as I believe it holds great things for me.
Psychology is a passion of mine and I plan to study it at University in my not so distant future. Saying that I could not settle down and go into that straight away as returning to education at this moment frightens me.
I am what some might say a 'weak' vegetarian, as I eat fish. However I have not only given up meat because of the poor little chickens and baby lambs getting slaughtered, I believe that the meat industry is corrupted in many ways and do not like the way they go about a lot of their actions. I believe our desire for meat and the meat industry feeding of this desire has become one of the most excessive contributions to how our Earth is changing, and do not want to be one of the supporters of this ignored predicament. Yes, I do eat fish even though the fishmongers also contribute to this dilemma, however I do have to keep my health into consideration and believe that my diet wouldn't sustain if I gave it up. So, go ahead and call me a hypocrite but at least I believe I am doing a hell of a lot more to help than you are.
I love all things to do with language and extending my vocabulary interests me, I cannot stand people with incredibly bad grammar who go around 'tlkin lyk dizzz'. The English language, as well as all the other languages of our world, have been passed down for generations. Do not insult it because your fingers are too lazy to type an extra few letters. I love our literature and reading is an adoration of mine, however this year it seems I have had no time to do such things. As my year 12 has been completed I plan to get back into this amazing world of imagination.
I have a passion for folk and indie music and believe that music is a gargantuan component of my life, even though I cannot play it for the life of me. Several of my most favourite musicians would be Xavier Rudd and the members of British India, yes I do realise they are completely different styles of music but I believe this is why I love them. I'm not one to avoid variety.
I do not like my own company for long periods of time and do not have a lot of confidence, although some people would beg to differ. Finishing school has made me want to re-evaluate my life and reconsider many choices, hopefully this alteration will stimulate a change for the better. I could count my closest friends on one hand. Trust can be an issue of mine as it has failed me many times in the past. I have come to the realisation that I do not have that many friends that live around me anymore. I latch on to the beautiful souls I call my friends and no matter where their lives take them, they will still be in my heart. This has served me well with the many friends located in different countries, however I have come to the conclusion that I have become what some might say a loner in many ways.
I have a strong indignation for travelling and am ecstatic for my future adventures. So far I am planning on a 6 month trip to Japan, Canada and China in order to visit some of the most beautiful people whom I count myself incredibly fortunate to have met. I will also seek to one day discover Europe, as well as England as my family were originally located there. No doubt I will also venture our own land, Australia. I would one day hope to meet a person who shares my love for travelling, but so far that person does not exist.
I have the brevity of patience for sexism, racism and just outright ignorance and do not have the ability to deal with any unnecessary botherations, if you have any of these traits do not waste your time on me. As they say, life is too short.
Sorry if this incredibly long blog bores you and I do hope you find my future posts more interesting.


  1. Awesome blog name! Love it. This makes me want to start my own blog, but you know I won't because I'm just so lazy :D

  2. Oh, I also whole-heartedly agree with the grammer issue! "Do not insult it because your fingers are too lazy to type an extra few letters" is the best line. I might use it. :D (Do smiley faces count?)

  3. Smiley faces do not count, if anything I think they help with the internet. Expresses our emotions :)