Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The lies and twists of Adulthood.

From a young age we are advised to be humble and wise. "Don't be snooty or haughty, too slick or proud,' they would all say. 'Just be good and do it quietly' was another catchphrase of my childhood. As an impressionable girl, this advice was well received. Then in charges adolescence and adulthood, abruptly slapping us in the face with things called education, jobs and resumes, demanding we shamelessly persuade the world we are the biggest and the best, putting us through the stress that is deemed necessary right up until after it is completed.
What happened to the lessons we learned during our childhood? I liked those ways better.

During life we are faced with the daunting task of convincing others we are worthy - of jobs, grants and even relationships. We promise future greatness and boast of triumphs past, and at times the truth becomes muddied. Updating a blog may become 'Published Author,' changing a Facebook picture may become 'Web Developer' and writing the resume for this so called dream job can characterise us into the 'Creative Developer of Entrepreneurial Prospects.'

When will we turn around and look at ourselves? Why do we bend the truth to create this amazing resume of life experiences? Will there ever come a day where we can look at ourselves and just feel happy with the past experiences and the promised future experiences and just accept them?

I am a perfect example of bending the truth, I recently lost my job and instead of telling people the complete truth I swung it around so I would be the victim. Why could I not have just accepted the fact that I fucked up? I do believe that the outcome was a little harsh for the situation but that does not mean that I was not also responsible. Instead of accepting this I have twisted the story many times to turn it into yet another life experience that has worked out for the better. Why could I not have told people that I made a stupid mistake and now I have to pay for it, better yet why don't other people respect that I have made the mistake and am ready to move on.

To put this rambling blog into short, why do we lie and twist our words to pursue the path of everyone remembering our so called greatness, when we can all just accept life as it comes and live it the way we were taught as children.

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