Saturday, November 14, 2009

The changes of Society and lack of fixing it.

This is a blog between me and a friend Larry, I would love other people's opinions on the situation.

Original blog:

'How do we get through the so called 'speed bumps' of our life? What makes us choose the path we take? Is it our friends? Is it our family? Or is it just our state of mind? The fact that we can actually make our own choices. It does not seem like that at all, society influences our choices and when we rebel against it we have harsh consequences that we have to face. Year 12 is a perfect example, we are forced to be put through so much stress, to give up our lives for a year, all because we are supposed to get a high enter score because it is the 'norm' to go straight into University, and it is a common belief that if you don't go to university you won't get a good job. No matter how many people prove this wrong. There is competition between the schools, and the students. Even parents jump on for the ride and push their kids to work as hard as possible. How is this healthy? How does Society let this happen? If someone knows the answer let me know.'

Larry's answer:

'Perhaps people let this happen. It is only when we conform to societies expectations that we feel a sense of belonging, but rebelling can also be beneficial in certain circumstances. Asking such questions like the above can lead to answers that would often not be concluded upon if we just accept that things simply need to be done. Maybe certain parents may force there child to achieve a high enter score, but are only wishing to allow there child to have a better life than what they have, which leads us back to what drives everyone, fear. Fear is perhaps the greatest motivation to change, and this concept ironically gives us hope, to change, to lead a more fulfilling life. Year 12 is generally not a healthy process, and should be changed to be less about ‘competing’ and ‘defeating’ others (mainly classmates and sometimes friends) and more about learning and acquiring information to make important decisions in life, rather than simply scoring marks in exams. As we live in a competitive world, constantly facing others for better paying jobs, achievements in sports or even friends, this may be a difficult thing to change. The influences in our lives help sculpt or mould us into people that the groups in our lives deem 'acceptable'. The groups to which we belong, such as our family and friends, largely establish our sense of belonging and therefore who we are, and these values are derived from societal and cultural influences. Through one’s own education, we are equipped with the skills to decide a future direction and therefore only ourselves decide where we go and what we are limited to as human beings. Maybe there is a reason for why we have the intelligence to be able to ask these questions of ourselves, but we are yet to be able to solve them. As for the ‘speed bumps’ of life, the people to whom we have close relationships with let us know who we are, and often reflect our own values. Therefore if you have only positive influences in your life, then your mentality and overall outlook on life will also be more positive.'

I would agree with Larry in the fact that people do cause this to happen, our expectations of ourselves and each other create these issues and the emotions we experience fuel it. However to the extent we put ourselves, is it really worth it? This whole society competing against each other to reach their goals has become inexcusable. Year 12, as has been previously stated has gone even further with these outrageous competitions with Victorian teachers now being rewarded financially if their students get a higher score. How is this doing anything more than just creating more competition? Where is the justice in that? The student works hard so the teacher gets a pay rise? I believe it has become utterly ridiculous. Larry is correct in the fact that year 12 should be less about competing against each other and more about what we were there for, the education. With parents pushing their child to do well for a better life worth it if the child feels like she/he is in a constant state of turmoil?
To also claim that if you only have positive influences in your life then over all your mentality and outlook on life is heightened, then how is it we can guarantee all of this. When I first wrote the original blog I was going through a rough patch and was not handling it well. The reason for this were the fact my attempts at surrounding myself with positivity were crushed and I was left to deal with the aftermath. I have no doubt in believing that it is the pessimistic side of me that questions and doubts society, but am I off target, over exaggerating or on the spot? It is true, I have many questions to ridicule society but I do not have the intelligence to answer any of them, maybe that furthermore leads to my frustration. It also leads to another question at whether or not this is all because I am too ignorant to try and answer them, to try and fiix this so called broken society. I may have this idea in my mind about how well and truly done over we are in society that cannot be bothered to fix it. Maybe we are all like that.

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